Your face is your identity, a beautiful tool that expresses you and your emotions. A good facial rejuvenates your skin, bringing your natural glow back. Your face undergoes minute damages every day due to scorching sun, pollution and use of other cosmetic products on your face. Facials are a good way to get rid of dead skin layers and enrich the layer below with essential vitamins which your skin loves.

Our facials are suited to your face and skin type. From dry to oily skin to combination skin of various proportions, our facials are designed for each individual skin type. It exfoliates your skin and prepares your skin for penetration of active ingredients of your skincare routine. All the ingredients used in our facial is chosen and tested by a group of experts to give you the best results. Our range of facials include

  • European facial
  • Dermaplaning
  • Face Pump
  • Microdermabrasion facial
  • Hydro Jelly add on