Casa De Hilo is the luxury castle that your brow deserves. Our threading salon across different locations offers exceptional services with long-lasting results. From threading and micro-blading to other treatments like brow lamination and henna, Casa De Hilo is a one-stop solution for all the care that an eyebrow requires.

At Casa De Hilo, perfection is threaded and microbladed to bring the best you deserve. Attain the synergy where even a small change gives results greater than the whole.

Our story

Casa De Hila is a premier beauty parlor chain specializing in eyebrow treatment across different locations in Texas. Starting at Mcallen, we have expanded to three more locations due to our customers' support and love entrusted to us. All these years, we have touched many eyebrows and lives with our service and have tried to bring the best of you to the outside world.

Expanding further into different locations, we continue to provide the expectational services that our customers are used to. All our staff are licensed professionals with years of experience to give you the look that you desire.